On Mount Rennie

by Kwazymoto

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gregory frederick
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gregory frederick Having recorded a Caledonia set that was a wow Ian's band stands out as up and coming, The energy exuded on stage drives a performance. His natural talent can only grow, maturing into something great. Favorite track: Beseechers.
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released September 23, 2016

guitar/vocals/piano: ian
drums/back vocals: kody
bass/back vocals/guitar (track 7): alec

recorded @ gypsy farm studio by: zeke sayer
mixed by: j cooper & ian
all music written & performed by: kwazymoto



all rights reserved


Kwazymoto Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Bluebird
when we die, nothing happens

when the bird sings her old song
and we fear eyes that spot us
remove the salt and her color
and bring burden on the shore
Track Name: Fried Lemmings
byproduct of our surroundings
born without a crack within our skulls
collapsed in a cesspool of scarlet
fried lemmings the only company
chained to my existence overrated
and the tremors that halt the signature block
go play in the sand for now
this hammer's solely for your cornea
i wouldn't dare use it on the glass

purple vines pop and crackle
growing ill from the haze
knocked out too fast
fucking brought up too quick
oh and i'm too damn forgone
and i don't think of you
don't care for me
ah fuck
don't give me love
in my web i'll stay and wallow joyfully
enjoy your grind bitch
a blessing not to feel (love)

my negligence will rape your arrogance
Track Name: Beseechers
bonding through substances, ecstasy in wine
roundabout habituals disgrace the divine
are they near? we fear, you hear from above
outstretched limbs taped to indolent trunks
fraught children bleed
the pagans weep

how eyes could focus in on closed lids that only display black?
a disobedient hollow army emptied by the spasm
for thine thy kingdom come
thy will it will be done
i love you jesus soto
please feed me heinreich kleist
Track Name: Blood Red River
i get on with life as a barmaid
i like to race snails on sunday
maybe too fond of cough drop mixture
i contemplate ecstasy and vivance
please preacher take my hand
submerse me in your savior's blood

i dream of flash grenades and red walls
acceptance, equality, and gay love
i submit to my god given instinct
lustful thought is second to tyranny
please preacher take my hand
submerse me in your savior's blood
Track Name: Mary Had an Aneurysm
we're staying up all night
cooking and baking
drowning in flour
showering amongst hits
used to watch matinees or read up on freud
but now angel dust surfs through the brain
constriction like
up our sleeves
or inhalation
of a positive drug test
normative youth led
nocturnal no rest
maternal love nest

now she's blue in the face and all the blow's gone
tail lights you once fixed vanished in the skyline
"it's okay," we all thought
"a replacement is here!"
gurneys, sirens, detox, bibles, laxatives, mourning begetters
ah damn, look at this
my blood stained bedspread
bothersome gore flood
from a weepy, heartbroken, woe begotten, forlom, doleful, sorrowful, bitter, dismal, doleful, gloomy, languid, pensive child
Track Name: My Hot & Bothered Self
flashing lightbulbs erupt
echoes of crunch at your feet
the filaments will adjourn
crush all the egos and id
part your hair to the side
wait now pull it all back
then let it grow to your knees
chop it off when I snap
if you could bend over backwards
touch your toes to the moon
all the love you would see
and all the hearts that would march
anything for a touch
anytime for the screen
anywhere mirrors point
anybody but me

stick the blame to the science
chemical imbalance
hormones leading the race
F15's on the track
the putrid arrow will strike
there goes the next seven months
out of all man's control
a frozen checking account
why show off prized bait
black toe snappers to come
call up the local blacksmith
pierce your esteem and the tongues
why start a fire
when these walls can provide
we've thrown ourselves in this pit
the fallen angel's dwelling
Track Name: The Declaration of
cubicles crushing my
cuticles gushing my
blues infiltrating my
drop me, ignite me, fuck it

one more hit
frack my train
up off the couch
too dark, too loud, fuck this

better to hide in my
esophagus sores my
what my did to me my
the declaration of my

violent nerves cramping my
sick bloods vamping my
lister couldn't clean my
breath it, spread it, fuck it

the mammal bites my
gin roots of all my
violet's virus that twines my
no more, too much, fuck this

better to hide in my
esophagus sores my
what my did to me my
the declaration of my

fork me, carve me, fuck me
i've got enough, i've had enough
suck it, spew it, fuck it
the declaration of my
Track Name: Eddie's Trip
wake up, sun hits
a cracking of the skull
two by fours, maybe aluminum bats
can't be sure
wrists tied to wooden posts
the smell of gasoline
monkeys climbing up your back
terrestrial spiders from your dreams
oh forget about the acid
forget about pocket change, your safety, or the last hit
think of all the kleenex mama uses
or daddy's scorn when he leaves his office for this news bit

maybe if they hadn't signed away our home
or forced me to have eight bedroom walls
maybe if my only suit wasn't filled with petty bribes
the lesser of two evils

daylight and now here we stand
faces covered, criminal records, the extortion man
barbara, jolene, and even maria
could fold my clothes, cook my meat but now watch their own
no dime, no love
no penny, no help
no check, no care
no bonus, no overtime
when did joe die?
and when did matt OD?
his head is on fire

maybe if they hadn't signed away our home
or forced me to have eight bedroom walls
maybe if my only suit wasn't filled with petty bribes
the lesser of two evils
Track Name: A Hate Letter
jesus god holy divine
liberate us
from gold chambers
torch our fortunes
march the streets
arm the homeless
smash the pig's den
of distribution
of contribution
the olive wreath, my dinner's set

twisted havior
untwisted bottles
go on over to lucy's place
only DIY, our DUI
daddy save me
fuck pollution
no solution
the institution
your MO, yeah right
Track Name: On Mount Rennie
sam reached out through the door
grasping for a hand
a strong red maiden lies asleep that could make him understand
how a line could be blurred
how an encounter could contort
all their trust, love, and grace
and the shape of their arrows

the yellow rose wilts
the crows circling
crash upon the white party with an overstated stomp
he could accuse biology
he could stick it to the drugs
but she would always bear in mind the force that he had took

so he popped the cap
he poured away
a brand new world
no more daze

don't give up so easy
go at it again
drag more to your furnace

dope will never satisfy
contain this thirst within
the next level shit's where we belong

i am him now
messiah messiah
she makes me feel
pariah pariah
i need to be
inside ya inside ya
kick the fucking chair
saliva revival
Track Name: Jubilee
when we die, what will happen?

morning breaks, she has broken
still she sings with a fire
open arms, flight of phoenix
jubilee, on we go